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It has been directed with a mixture of handsome photo-realism and visceral punch Genuinely provocative There's scarcely a false not to the performance of either Furlong or Norton, the latter an almost certain Academy Award nominee It's the sourest serving of Pie, with half of the original cast missing, and there's something undeniably desperate about comedic highlights involving dog poop, a lusty old lady, two strippers to offset the absence of Shannon Elizabeth, and the ill-advised use of a trimming razor that arise more from obligation than inspiration, on the assumption that another penile mishap is guaranteed to please.

And yet, that's just what this movie does for devoted Pie-munchers: It gives 'em what they want, especially when the notorious Stifler Seann William Scott nearly ruins the frantic nuptials of Jim Jason Biggs and his band-camping sweetheart Michelle Alyson Hannigan. Eugene Levy and Eddie Kaye Thomas also return for some reliable comic relief, but the one who's laughing most is three-time Pie writer Adam Herz--laughing loudly and often, all the way to the bank. Zack Mayo Richard Gere has nothing--the son of an alcoholic, indifferent military father, he's grown up in the Philippines living on top of a brothel.

Salty: A Ghetto Soap Opera (Drama In The Hood)

But after college he decides he wants more and, despite his father's mockery, enrolls in the navy's Officer Candidate School to become a jet pilot. His sergeant, brilliantly played by Louis Gossett Jr. The candidates are warned to stay away from the local girls looking for naval husbands, but Zack and his bunkmate, Sid David Keith , find themselves falling for two friends, Paula Debra Winger and Lynette Lisa Blount , who work at the local paper mill.

Zack fights his feelings for Paula, determined to let nothing sway him from his goals. But as the hellish weeks of training go by, Zack begins to see that maybe he can't do it alone--and that what's getting him through are his friends in the ranks, and the girl he's been pushing away. Widely acclaimed at the time of its release, director Taylor Hackford's inspiring film is a romance for the ages. The anxious mob boss is about to finish his prison sentence but he is suffering a nervous breakdown behind bars and the only one who can diagnose his ailments is Sobel.

After a string of hysterical tests, the Feds grant Sobel permission to observe Vitti as a patient and, much to the dismay of Sobol's wife Laura Lisa Kudrow , as a house guest. However, Sobel has problems of his own.


He's suffering from a severe identity crisis after the death of his father, and Vitti's presence in his suburban New Jersey home has the psychiatrist acting crazy too. In an effort to straighten Vitti out, Sobel decides that the solution is to find him a real, honest job.

Vitti tries his hand at several ill-matched professions, and finally finds his dream job as a technical advisor on a SOPRANOS-like cable television show. Everything is going smoothly until Vitti starts to take the show a little too seriously, calling his former mafia cohorts to the set. Theatrical Release Date: December 6, What happens when the worlds of the Mafia and psychiatry collide?

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When a prominent leader of the New York Mafia suddenly starts having panic attacks, he enlists the help of a New York psychiatrist for a fast cure. A sharp, darkly hilarious peek at mobster mentality At least that's what he thinks. When his doctors inform him that he is suffering from anxiety attacks, he is forced to track down a shrink to help him get to the bottom of the problem.

Salty 7: New Beginnings (Salty - A Ghetto Soap Opera)

Billy Crystal costars as neurotic psychiatrist Ben Sobol, who is manipulated into treating the macho Mafia man, with hysterical results. The hilarious hijinks ruin their first wedding and threaten to ruin the relationship as Paul battles his personal demons with the help of the initially unwilling shrink. As the two men's professional and private worlds collide, they are forced to realize their similarities as they join forces to battle the FBI and the impending threat of a Mafia takeover. Director Harold Ramis has crafter an intelligent, witty comedy that shows off the comic instincts of De Niro as never before.

Ben Sobol Billy Crystal "What is my goal here, to make you a happy, well-adjusted gangster? Ben Sobol -- Muze Annotation " A funny title, an even funnier premise and inspired odd-couple casting that's enough to prompt laughter just on the basis of the two-shots in its ad campaign.

Think of it as an offer you can't refuse DeNiro's performance is aptly 'Scorsese-aggressive' while Crystal effectively underplays It's the early s and the local anchorman is not only a source of news but a revered local hero. In San Diego, Ron Burgundy Will Ferrell , a mustachioed bachelor with a taste for scotch, unparalleled passion for the jazz flute, and a near-telepathic connection with his spirited mutt, Baxter, is that man. Rounding out Ron's testosterone-heavy news team are his close friends--cologne-obsessed man-on-the-street Brian Fantana Paul Rudd , sports reporter Champ Kind Dave Koechner , and mentally challenged weatherman Brick Tamland Steve Carrell.

Their male camaraderie is challenged, though, when producer Ed Harken Fred Willard , pressured by changing times, brings the first female reporter, ambitious Veronica Corningstone Christina Applegate , to the team. Ron finds his chauvinistic ideals compromised further when he starts falling in love with her. Here, with Ferrell's script and Adam McKay's direction, the character of Ron Burgundy becomes a full-bodied comic creation whose possibilities for laughs aren't nearly exhausted by the end credits.

The result is an often hilarious celebration of moustaches, wide neckties, alcohol abuse, and good, old-fashioned sexism. Antwone Fisher Derek Luke is a young Navy sailor who is on verge of getting booted from the military because of his volatile temper when he is ordered to mandatory sessions with psychiatrist Dr.

Jerome Davenport Denzel Washington. After a few strained sessions, Fisher navigates through difficult memories of his Cleveland childhood, mostly of life with a vicious foster mother Novella Nelson who beats him on a regular basis and refers to him not by name, but by the n-word and a foster sister who violates him sexually. Fisher and Davenport form a father-son bond Fisher even adopts the doctor's wife [Salli Richardson] as a kind of surrogate Mom. And eventually he finds the strength to work through his anger and the courage to forge his first romantic relationship with Cheryl Joy Bryant.

Washington demonstrates his ease with actors by drumming up rich emotional intimacy, not without naturally humorous and awkward moments. Vivid, painterly images and the yearning melodies of composer Mychael Danna complete the artistry of the film. Theatrical Release Date: December 19, Having just lost his star quarterback, Jack Rooney Dennis Quaid , he's forced to use the erratic Willie Beamen Jamie Foxx off the bench, hoping he can resuscitate his team, which is floundering on the field and in attendance figures. If not, Christina Pagniacci Cameron Diaz , the team's new owner, may be drop-kicking him to a new destination.

Thunderous excitement As exhausting as it is exciting Jagged and alive The third-stringer's injury-plagued career and difficulty with maintaining focus make him a dubious commodity at best. But Beamen, aware of what this opportunity could mean, starts playing at a much higher level than ever before, planting championship hopes in the minds of Miami fans. The extraordinary success of Beamen, an athlete whose flamboyance contradicts everything the Lombardi-like D'Amato believes about the game, makes the coach wonder whether his time is passing.

To add to his problems, Christina Pagniacci Cameron Diaz , a young woman who has inherited ownership of the team from her late father, is pressuring him to win now, and at any cost. Will D'Amato be able to pull the team together for a final run at the championship? The film conveys a vivid sense of the atmosphere of pro football and features a finely modulated performance by Pacino. There are so many basic dramatic truths in its age-vs. Stone pours on the razzle-dazzle A smart sports movie The film's dialogue scenes are effective The dramatic scenes are worth it.

Pacino has some nice heart-to-hearts with Quaid and Foxx They are escorted on part of their journey by an air cavalry unit led by Lt. Colonel Kilgore Robert Duvall , a gung-ho commander with a love of Wagner, surfing, and napalm.

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The new version includes 49 minutes of never-before-seen footage, a Technicolor enhancement, and a six-channel soundtrack. Captain Willard Martin Sheen is sent into the Cambodian jungle to "terminate with extreme prejudice" Colonel Kurtz Marlon Brando , who has become insane and now runs his own fiefdom. Traveling downriver on a patrol boat, Willard encounters an air cavalry commander, Lt. Colonel Kilgore Robert Duvall , whose love of war is matched only by his love of surfing.

Coppola almost went bankrupt and Sheen suffered a heart attack during the making of the film, but the rigorous shoot paid off in this unforgettable film. Filmed on location in the Philippines.

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At the Cannes Film Festival, Coppola will be screening a new director's cut of the film. He said, "The result is a film that is fifty-three minutes longer, and whose theme emerges more clearly. It is a more disturbing, sometimes funnier and more romantic film whose historical perspective has become more forceful.

Martin Sheen suffered a heart attack during the strenuous shoot. Prior to this, Sheen had a drunken emotional breakdown while filming the improvised hotel room scene.

Full text of "The Book world;"

When he shatters the mirror with his hand in that scene, both the glass and the blood are real. Director Francis Ford Coppola had a nervous breakdown during the filming and threatened to commit suicide numerous times. Coppola briefly appears in the film as a newsreel director. Harvey Keitel was originally cast as Willard. He was fired shortly after filming began and was replaced by Martin Sheen. Spradlin and Harrison Ford giving Willard his assassination orders are R.

Corman and Colonel G. Lucas, Coppola's two di.